Thursday, February 4, 2016

Frontier's - Anti Rust & Patch Lube - Extreme Rust Test

I felt that it was time to speed things up and make the testing a little more extreme! I had to use my shooting tablet today and the test barrel was in the way. I saw a nice 6" deep pile of soft snow and so I simply tossed the rifle out of my way and will let it sit there for a week or 2 or until the (if it ever does) snow melts.

I have more extreme testing planned, but this is the best moisture I can offer right now. I do not like artificial man made testing such as using sprays or baths in a controlled climate. I want to test in mother natures true offerings.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

26 days and counting

Two days shy of the One Month long rust test!

I believe this is plenty long enough exposed to normal hunting conditions. Now its time to step it up and get a little more nasty with it.

I do admit, what I have planned is pretty serious and not exactly something we expose our hunting rifles to, so this may be over doing the test and pushing the limits!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shoot Out! Patch Lube & Bore Enhancer

Shoot Out! Is a special patch lubricant. It is a patch lube AND a bore polish, all in one bottle. No more having to sit and polish a new,rough or pitted bore by hand! No more having to use lead conicals and having to swab between shots or shooting low pressure loads.

Shoot Out! allows the shooter to use their regular hunting/target loads that they are used to shooting. It is recommended however, that the shooter use as little as 20 grains of black powder/sub to get down into the breech as far as possible to help polish the bore where the powder sits, making for easier cleaning.

The shooter may also use a VERY TIGHT fitting patch on their cleaning rod, saturated with SHOOT OUT! to hand polish the breech end of the bore because we can get get every little bit of it, even with a little load like 20 grains of powder. Those that do not shoot patched round balls, can still use this product as described above.

Shoot Out! is a gentle bore polishing patch lube that was made to smooth out new and old barrels that may have scratches,chatter and light pitting. The actual patch lube mixed with our polishing media, allows the shooter to shoot round after round without ever having to stop to clean the bore out.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Frontier's - Anti Rust & Patch Lube Update

We now have what I have been waiting for!! Snow and as it warms up, moisture/sweat on the barrel! So far the testing has gone smooth and no rust on either side of the barrel while it was stored under the wood sheds roof, exposed to the air.

Some testers use a controlled environment to conduct their testings. Salt sprays, burning black powder onto the steel. Not us, we test under REAL conditions that the hunter may run into while in the field. We're not afraid to apply a thin coat of the Anti rust and patch lube onto an entire rifle and set it out in mother nature.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1847 Walker & 1860 Army .44's

Got my pappy on the range today and had his Walker fully loaded and ready to go! I used 40 grains Shockeys Gold super powder, .454 round balls and lubed over the balls with my patch lube to prevent chain fire. The roar this thing creates is just unreal! Its like firing a 50cal rifle! Accuracy at 11 and 25 yards was outstanding with both pistols actually.

The Walker is a Uberti and the Army is Pietta. Both have great triggers and timing. One problem with the Walker is the caps are ALWAYS jammed either in the cylinder/frame area or they drop down and wedge behind the hammer/frame. I don't have this issue with the Army, so that's one thing we noticed right away.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Frontier's - Anti Rust & Patch Lube RUST TEST

Just finished prepping this old CVA Flintlock barrel guys!

I made sure to date the picture so we do not forget when this test was first started. I plan on letting it go for One Month, checking it once a week and at the end of the the first week, introducing it to a new environment.

For starters, its now in the wood shed which only cover is its tin roof. I guess this will be an Air exposure test. Hot/Cold/Snowing/Melting ( Higher humidity)..


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Frontier's - Buckskinner's Blend Patch Lube

Just mixed up a batch of a liquid patch lube. The others worked but were a hassle to make and to expensive to bottle. So far the feel of it on my fingers feels very good and not OVER slick. You all know I can not say whats in it otherwise, whats the point of bottling it with FML's name? lol.

I have to rest up for a couple days per doctors orders, but as soon as I am allowed, I'll get the .58 out on the range with a tight .020" patch and see how the lube works out. If it goes into bottles, It will come in a 8oz easy pour spout topper and possibly a 1/2 gallon refill that can be bought down the road if the shooter likes it and wants it in bulk.

This lube however is not an all day hunt lube. Its strictly used for target shooting, rendezvous shooting, etc where its just load up and keep on shooting.


Buckskinner's patch lube on the range

Well, with it being 56* t-shirt weather, I took advantage and had a blast today for a while. One thing I've learned. When you can reloading a sidelock like you're shooting BH209, You sometimes forget to load powder!

First 3 shots I was extremely happy, then I started to play around with my patches and noticed one side had a deeper - rougher texture to it. I started to load that against the rifle and noticed tighter restriction during load. I'm not sure if that deeper fabric was wiping the bore better or not but the group shrunk drastically on the next 2 shots.

Originally was sighted in with shockeys gold, but today I switched to dirty goex 2fg for these 7 shots. 70 grains 2fg goex, .020", .570 round ball and my buckskinner's patch lube. No swabbing between shots was needed throughout the entire shooting session.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Continued testing of the NEW liquid patch lube

Our new Liquid Patch Lube is going through the testing stages perfectly today! 36 shots at 75 yards, shooting off of my sticks. I wanted to do 50 shots, but was to whooped after this shooting event.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Frontier's Lube - First LIQUID Patch Lube!

Well with some good news, I am glad to have finally found a liquid product that I can produce at a cost efficient price but most importantly, one that works great without any scent and stickiness left behind!

I have one more ingredient to work on and test, but so far, the lube is ready to be bottled once I pick out the new bottle style after I get back from a trip.

I've tested with Jim Shockey's Gold Super Powder and Goex 2fg black powder and had a great time on the range with ease of reloading, accuracy and a great overall feeling of the product.

This is a patch lube meant strictly for Rendezvous/Target shooting when you just want to pound away at targets rather than stop and clean your bore. This is not a  long term hunting lube, it will evaporate within a few hours after being exposed to the air. Pre-lubed patches should be kept in an air tight container or plastic bag.

 This stuff wipes fouling out of your bore in a hurry every time you load up and push a freshly lubed patched ball down the bore.

Depending on the bottling and labeling, I should be able to offer it at the beginning of the new year!