Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bear Grease VS Mink Oil Patch Lube

I wanted to get my .58cal Hawken out on the range and just sit back, relax and enjoy some smoke. I've been getting a little bored with 100 yards, so I took the rifle out to my 150 yard bench and got everything all set up, nice day with a little off and on breeze at times. Nothing to complain about! I did clean the bore after each shot.

In the end, both patch lubes would have done fine, but the Track of the wolf Mink Oil is today's winner hands down!

A little more load development with Olde Eynsford 2fg black powder will be next on my do to list!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter project #2

With the CVA Hawken #3 build in the books and sold, I went onto an online auction site and picked up another CVA Hawken  new in kit " Kit Form" and in .50 caliber.

This time however, it also came with a SUPER SUPER.... Did I mention SUUUUUPER? RARE 12 gauge shotgun barrel!

This will make for one hell of a turkey and grouse hunting machine!!

#3 CVA Hawken is finished!

Another great end to bringing a great rifle back to life! The CVA Hawken .50cal will stay a 50cal for as long as I am the owner and from the looks of it, three folks already want to buy it! That's ok, you can only hand onto them for so long anyway.

The rifles finished turned out great with four coats of laurel mountain forge Nut Brown stain and 15 coats of hand rubbed Truoil which was then buffed down to a semi gloss finish.

Now to see who ends up being the new owner of a fine shooting CVA Hawken!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CVA Hawken blasting at a Yote! 340 yards

CVA Hawken .58cal 1:66 Twist, 90 grains Olde Eynsford 2f, .020" patch lubed with bear grease ( the real deal bear grease, not a man made product) .570" round ball @ 340 yards. A little over 1 second for the ball to get there!

Friday, November 7, 2014

CVA Hawken .50cal Accuracy Test

I had some time the other day to take the CVA Hawken build #3 rifle out to 50 yards and shoot the original 28" 1:48 twist .50cal barrel just to see how well it shot.

Not only did it load nice and smooth, after a couple sight adjustments, it shot great!

I used 70 grains Goex 2f, .020" patches lubed with Mr.Flintlocks Patch Lube and freshly made .490" round balls.

I was super happy to say the least and it left me with a hard decision... Do I leave this barrel on it or do I go a head with my plan and make it a  big bore 54 / 58 caliber? Its really had to decide when something shoots like this the first time out with the very first load you use.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Mr.Flintlocks Patch Lube Test

Just some good old fashioned sit down, shut up and shoot fun! Before this, I had been shooting frog lube patches and ended up with a broken ramrod loading on a CLEAN bore. Grabbed my range rod and headed back out with Mr. F's and never swabbed the bore clean between shots!

CVA Hawken Build #3

The rifle finally came in! The rifle ended up being in real good shape to start the rebuilding process. The 28" .50cal barrel cleaned up greatly and I think I will hang onto it as slap that on my personal Hawken stock when I feel the need for a smaller caliber.

I already have the lock internals completely polished which really helped out BIG time as the factory set up had a real gritty/grinding feel to it when you were cocking the hammer. Very uncomfortable to say the least. After sitting as the table for a little over an hour, I had all the bearing surfaces polished and oiled and the lock re-assembled.

The double trigger set up also needed work as it was not up to my standards as it was creepy and gritty. Once more, a good deal of sitting down and just carefully polishing the mating surfaces, a little grease and perfecto! A nice smooth crisp hair trigger that will make you wet your pants if you're not careful.

Looking at the above picture, I just want to point out WHY I bed the Tang on all of traditional muzzle loaders, especially those that use the two piece configuration.

While the factory inletting looked perfect, the barrel on tight and straight. It was a completely different story when I pulled the lock! I was horrified to find I was actually able to see the barrels hooked breech plug between the barrel/tang section! This is a major accuracy KILLER and the #1 reason I bed them the way I do. Take up any movement, keep that wedge key snug, bed that trigger plate, ESPECIALLY if it has a tang screw running through the trigger plate! These minor overlooks will just kill your accuracy experience. I should know, I learned the hard way with my personal .58cal CVA Hawken that I built.

Now the question for the NEW barrel.... 54 or 58cal?!! This stock already has a barrel channel inlet of 1" which makes it soooooo tempting for another big bore Hawken to pass on to another fellow black powder shooter.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Olde Eynsford 2f Accuracy Test

Had some time  to work with my CVA Hawken .58 and 2fg Olde Eynsford. The Chrony results showed that the 90 grains 2f OE I am shooting is super close to 100 grains 2f Goex. Works for me and its accurate and consistent!

Avg FPS 1,592 ( Goex 2f 100 grains avg's around 1,588)

100 Yards
90gr 2fg Olde Eynsford
.020" patches Lubed with Frog Lube and then retested with Mink Oil. Covered hole were with the Frog Lube. Not cool with me!
.570" round ball weighed in at 277-278.8 grains
Remington #11 caps

Bore was swabbed with a mixture I made up in a 6oz bottle. Volume measurements of 3/8" Purple Power, 3/8" pinesol and then topped off with tap water. It leaves a little oiliness behind from the pinesol but doesn't leave it SLICK.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A new Hawken build!

Just bought another winter project!

I love using the CVA Hawken's for these build ups as the barrels and other parts are readily available for them.

Another huge plus is the fact that I can add anything from a .32cal to a .58cal barrel onto this stock!

One hard decision as always, what caliber do I go with?!! I already have my Hawken set up as a .58cal sooooo?  Right now it's a hard decision between a .32 with a 25" barrel, or a .45 with a 32" barrel and slow twist.

I may also offer this one up as a, Buy It  & I'll Build it for you, kind of deal as I did with the last Hawken build I did earlier in the year.

We'll see what it ends up as once it arrives and I get to handle it for a few days as I get a feel of it and start the rebuild.