Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CVA Hawken Build #6

I got the newest addition in a couple days ago!

It is another CVA Hawken .50cal with 1:48 twist and came with a... "Chokes".... Scope mount!

I took it off and put it to the side for now as I have no use for it. I did install a set of factory sights and as crude as they are, I was able to take it to my 50 yard range and shoot a damn good 5 shot group off the fence line!

I will be rebuilding the rifle as re-barreling it with a brand new .50cal 1:66 twist barrel that has been Browned and new sights added. This will make someone very happy once they get to shooting it! The CVA Hawken is most common to find with the 1:48 twist and so when the 1:66 twist comes up, GET IT while you can! I sold the last one before it was even Half way through the building process!

So far she's a great little shooter and is going to make a fine rifle once I get through with it!

80 grains Goex 2f, .020" patch lubed with Muzzle Magic Cleaner, .490" Round Ball @ 50 yards off the fence line.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Battle of the "wet" Patch Lubes

I ordered a couple more wet patch lubes. One is the Birchwood Casey No.77 Muzzle Magic Cleaner in a 16oz bottle. The other is from Track of the wolf and is called Black Powder Bore cleaning solvent and comes in an 8oz bottle.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inside a nipple firing a #11 percussion cap!

Hot Shot Nipple and Remington #11 Percussion caps! I will compare a standard nipple next time!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Service option added! Lock Jeweling

Guys, I will be offering Jeweled lock services here in a while. I have much practice to do before I am 100% satisfied with the results. The main pattern will be fish scale where they are over lapping each other.

Price is still being figured out. The best thing to do is send the entire complete lock and let me polish everything inside for a super smooth lock.

The point of a jeweled lock is mainly so the grease/oil will stick better. Gives it some eye candy and a better surface for the lubes to stick and stay in place.

CVA Hawken build #5

Yes, number FIVE!! I love building up these old CVA kits and putting them out there on the market and offering something that is 50x better than the factory made rifles!

This time I found a .50cal - .54cal combo brand new in box.

What to do? My plan, chocolate brown barrel, polished lock and triggers, upgrade the sights, take a little time and effort in polishing the brass up nicely and to top it off, I will Jewel the inside of the lock plate for some extra fancy kick!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Open sight Muzzle Loader Accuracy

This just goes to show you.... When you have a rock solid foundation, a good clean crisp rifling barrel, real black powder, a quality patch lube and weighed round balls, Accuracy WILL drop right into your lap!

This is my .58cal semi custom CVA Hawken

Friday, January 23, 2015

Become a Premium Member!

Okay guys, as we all know, Most forums have some kind of support to help with running costs, design costs, advertisement costs, etc.

99% of these forums close off popular areas of the forum and want to charge you to use them. The most common of course is the Classifieds and the Off Topic area of the forum.

Other forums run advertisement for other companies which is great, how ever, it's expensive for those companies and difficult for forums to "cash" in on.

Charging members to use the classifieds and the off topic section of the forum would be a huge mistake IMO. I like to feel that I have built a place where we all can get together and feel like family without the feeling of having someone behind you, ready to stab you in the back. We have a lot of great members on here and we keep gaining more and more. I want everyone to have full use of the forum without feeling like they are closed off from such and such because they can not pay the fee for the classifieds,etc.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hang fires Part 2

I just wanted to add some other issues that can make a Percussion muzzle loader fail to fire or hang fire.

Most of us that shoot muzzle loaders with black powder or even sub black powders, often swab "Clean the bore" between each and every shot.

What some may not realize though, is when we swab, we actually PUSH fouling onto the face of the breech plug and that fouling/wetness, sits there and as we pour the powder down on the next shot, that wetness soaks the powder and can cause it to lump and gum up in the bolster, not allowing for the powder to move under the nipple for a sure fire shot.

How can we avoid this? Using less solution/solvent on the patch would help greatly. Short 4 to 6 inch strokes while swabbing the bore clean will also allow the fouling to soak into the patch rather than ramp up and push right up against the breech plug.

Those that oil: What are you using at the end of your cleaning process to protect the bore from rust? Oils that stay liquid are obviously runny and when you put the rifle away, perhaps you store it muzzle up where that oil runs down into the bolster and fouls it up the next time you go to load up and shoot.

Always store your muzzle loader with the bore facing DOWN, so any oils, solvents left over can run down and out of the bore. I hang my rifles on the wall but have them all at a slight downward slant so any runny oil in the bore, does not get into the bolster and contaminate the next powder charge that goes down the bore.

When loading your muzzle loader and assuming that you ran a dry patch or two down the bore to remove the oil, you will next pour your powder charge down the bore. Afterward, settle the powder charge by giving is a few firm wacks on the opposite side of the lock with your hand. Once you've done that, turn the rifle so the Lock side is pointing at your feet. Again, a few stiff wacks to help shift that powder into the bolster and under the nipple. This helps move the bulky powder into the bolster.

I hope to make a new video of this later down the road when both time and weather permit me to do so.

Hopefully this will help settle any remaining questions on WHAT the heck is going on when my Percussion lock fails or fire or misfires!