Thursday, May 21, 2015

CVA Hawken Flintlock for sale You choose the caliber!

Guys, I am done with all the hard work on this one. Triggers are polished, lock internals polished, Tang and trigger plate are bedded solid. Custom hand finish of dixie gun works antique stain and a tru-oil / Permalyn finish on the stock were done and then buffed down to a nice matte sheen. The brass was left alone and has a nice honey gold colod patina.

Now the deal here guys, The price is $480 shipped. I will take Half of that as a down payment to get the rifle completed.

The barrel on it is just to make it complete for pictures. It will get a brand new 28" barrel in either .50cal or .54cal. This is the buyers choice. I will slow rust Brown the barrel and tang, along with a new traditional elevator rear sight and german silver front sight.

The lock is an excellent sparker and once complete, I'll have a video of that as well. Will come with an extra french amber flint. These are much better than black english and hold an edge for a longer amount of strikes.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another CVA Hawken arrives on my table!

Well, this CVA Hawken .54cal makes #9 that I have restored. CVA stopped production on the sidelock muzzleloaders in 2001 and this Hawken is stamped 2001. A shame that they stopped making such a good rifle like the Hawken was.

This is a factory finished rifle that is 14 years old and as never been loaded! The stock has its share of bumps here and there on the stock but with the age, its acceptable in my book and once I strip the stock and lightly sand out the imperfections, this rifle will be a jewel once more in life.

I've already started her restoration by bedding the tang with jb weld which makes a rock solid foundation for the tang to sit in. Metal pulling into soft wood never makes for an accurate rifle!

The barrel,tang and brass will all be browned, along with new elevator rear sight and german silver front sight. It will be my classic restoration as usual.

I am looking forward to getting started on it and putting it up on the market. If any one is interested in purchasing the build, Just let me know.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CVA Hawken .54cal FOR SALE

CVA Hawken 28" long .54cal 1:66 twist barrel - No Rust No Pitting!

Walnut stock that I shaped and finished along with a Tru oil finish that has been buffed down to a warm classic sheen.

The tang and trigger plate have been bedded for some extra strength in those areas as recoil tends to pull metal into wood. This eliminates that and the tang screw will always be tight! Its my own personal touch I do to all muzzle loaders I work on/ restore.

Lock and the double set triggers have also been polished and lightly greased with Moly for a crisp trigger and a lock that feels butter smooth.

Its very rare to find a CVA with an actual walnut stock. 99% of them were made with beechwood stocks and the walnut was done in small quantities when they'd get a small supply in to work with. Gorgeous wood with a lot of pattern and grain.

The sights have been upgraded to a German silver front sight and a traditional style elevator rear sight. I use this set up on my own rifle and I shoot out to 170 yards with no trouble. Put it dead on on 100 yards, mark that elevator position with a small paint mark and then scoot back to 150 yards and figure out which elevator ramp position is dead on at that range and mark it. Its a super handy sight set up and allows you to have all the calculations built into one set up and ready for hunting season.

This a great looking and functioning rifle guys. It will provide you a life time of service if you keep her clean and oiled properly.

$400 shipped.

This is not your typical CVA. This is the 8th Hawken that I have restored and brought back to better than new condition. When I refinish a stock, my typical price alone is $175-225 out the door.

Here is a variety of pictures of the rifle. I took some in full sunlight, inside the house and late evening just to show what the stock looks like in such and such lighting available.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Newest custom Muzzle Loader arrived!

Well, I got this one recently and so far, its turned out to be a great buy. I've already oiled and buffed years of dust and gunk off the stock so shes now smooth and the curl of the maple pops through nicely. The furniture is all steel with the ramrod thimbles and nose cap left raw but highly polished. Double set triggers and a Siler lock make for a solid set up. The barrel I will strip and refinish and its just not to my liking. Who ever did the barrel, let it get thick rust scale and I don't like that texture. If that's all I have to do to the rifle, I am one hell of a happy camper!
It is a .50cal with slow twist. When I get some time I will measure the twist and try to figure out the maker as there is no makers mark.

Barrel length is 36" and the barrel width is 7/8" which makes for a super light weight 50 caliber long rifle! Excellent balance that is not barrel heavy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cleaning your Black Powder Revolver the easy way!

 I while back I had been using these and never took pictures. So here we go! Birchwood Casey Swauber Applicators. They are nice and snug inside my Traditions 1860 Army .44cal and I can FULLY clean the cylinder, inside and out with the swauber. Remove the nipples and you can get all inside of the cut out ( Use Q tip for the nipple threads inside the cylinder) and the cylinder is completely cleaned. When it comes time to dry and oil, Use a fresh swauber to get it done fast and easy.

For getting inside the barrel where rammer is, along with the wedge key, the swauber easily gets inside there snugly and gets it fully clean. I wish had I found these years ago when I had my first .44cal BP Revolver.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Still lots of experimenting! But so far guys, Its doing exactly what I was hoping for. Easy reloading on a fouled bore. I did a total of 12 shots trying to learn the lubes do's and dont's.

One thing I am doing is applying it much thicker than I would mink oil. This lube does not soak into the patch until you SQUEEZE IT and by the time you squeeze it, it turns into an oil rather than the paste form as it starts out as. This has really been a great value as its wiping down the bore in and on the way out. Pictures will show that its still in the bore even after firing the 12 shots today.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A new shooter introduced to the muzzle loading world!

My nephew and his girl friend, along with another of their friends came over for the weekend while we all worked on my nephews bronco that he bought. Today I took his friend out to my 50 yard range with my 58cal Hawken and 90gr 2f Olde Eynesford.

I got to test a lube that I've been experimenting with recently and was very happy with the results in accuracy as well as reloading. So far, its working a hell of a lot better than I originally thought, especially on a fouled bore. Lots more work in that department, but I'll have to cast some more .570 balls for the next outing.

He only had the fence line to shoot off of and on his first shot, completely missed until I asked him if he knew how to use those sights. Of course he did not, so I drew a rough sketch in the dirt and he got the idea, put two .570" balls into a hole! Next 2 shots higher and towards the center of the bulls eye was with the smaller .562" balls as that's all I had in stock. That group is pretty common since the .020" is still a wee bit to thin for that size of ball.

He did good though! He took to it, didn't mind the recoil and had fun.