Sunday, October 26, 2014

Olde Eynsford 2f Accuracy Test

Had some time  to work with my CVA Hawken .58 and 2fg Olde Eynsford. The Chrony results showed that the 90 grains 2f OE I am shooting is super close to 100 grains 2f Goex. Works for me and its accurate and consistent!

Avg FPS 1,592 ( Goex 2f 100 grains avg's around 1,588)

100 Yards
90gr 2fg Olde Eynsford
.020" patches Lubed with Frog Lube and then retested with Mink Oil. Covered hole were with the Frog Lube. Not cool with me!
.570" round ball weighed in at 277-278.8 grains
Remington #11 caps

Bore was swabbed with a mixture I made up in a 6oz bottle. Volume measurements of 3/8" Purple Power, 3/8" pinesol and then topped off with tap water. It leaves a little oiliness behind from the pinesol but doesn't leave it SLICK.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A new Hawken build!

Just bought another winter project!

I love using the CVA Hawken's for these build ups as the barrels and other parts are readily available for them.

Another huge plus is the fact that I can add anything from a .32cal to a .58cal barrel onto this stock!

One hard decision as always, what caliber do I go with?!! I already have my Hawken set up as a .58cal sooooo?  Right now it's a hard decision between a .32 with a 25" barrel, or a .45 with a 32" barrel and slow twist.

I may also offer this one up as a, Buy It  & I'll Build it for you, kind of deal as I did with the last Hawken build I did earlier in the year.

We'll see what it ends up as once it arrives and I get to handle it for a few days as I get a feel of it and start the rebuild.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Are you interested in becoming a Sponsor of Frontier Muzzleloading - PatchNBall family?!! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frog Lube as a Patch Lube?

Yesterday I was able to get out on the shooting range with Frog Lube, it does make a pretty decent patch lube, it does NOT however go down the bore easily, I had to really get a firm hold on my ramrod while seating. I do how ever use a tight patch set up.

100 yards
100gr Goex 2f
.020" patch lubed lightly with frog lube
.570" round ball ( Lyman mould cast)


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thompson Center Hawken STOCK for sale!

BRAND NEW! 2014 TC Hawken stock for 45 or 50 caliber barrel. I am not going to be building this project as the custom barrels got to expensive, so this one is up for offering!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Frog Lube - is it a scam?

Watch out boys and girls! We've got another All Natural, cleans and protects scam going on with Frog Lube!

While at the local store today I saw it sitting on the shelf and read the jar and knew right off what this really was. I hoped I was wrong but hey, maybe, just maybe I was going to be wrong about it.

Got home, cracked open the lid, pulled the seal off and just smiled when I took a wiff. Scented with Spearmint and the same consistency as our unreliable Bore Butter - Wonder Lube scam!

Frog lube seems to be a little slicker, MAYBE, I don't have a jar of Bore Butter to compare but its without a doubt the exact same product, just with green coloring rather than yellow.

Will it protect against rust? I highly doubt it. I plan on doing some shooting with my .58cal Hawken just to test this product.

As a test, I lubed my .020" patches lightly with Frog Lube and will see how well it stands up as a patch lube. Right now, That's all I see it good for... A patch lube.

Only testing will tell if its the same ol scam under a different name and new color.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bore Butter - Wonder Lube fails once more!

After the hunting season, I took my Hawken apart and did a deep cleaning on it to remove any stubborn fouling left behind from the previous cleaning after I had shot it.

Normally I lube the bore with Barricade or RIG #2 but after this deep soapy water scrubbing with TOW, I dried the barrel, poured alcohol down the barrel to dry out the bolster and once more, dry patched the barrel.

With that done I used the pre lubed Bore Butter - Wonder Lube rust protection patches.

What a friggin mistake! Less than 24 hours, I was cleaning it again due to rust already building up heavily at the face of the breech plug!

Do NOT give that Bore Butter / Wonder Lube crap a chance in your bore! The stuff is simply garbage, it does nothing to keep rust away. I feel that it actually traps and seals in moisture UNDER the lube, which is why it rusts the bore so quickly.

After another deep cleaning and shot of alcohol, I have the bore protected with RIG #2.

Use good quality bore oils for the best possible rust protection! Do not rely on silly wax that smells pretty.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

CVA Hawken belches smoke on day two

I took to the high ground and made a large circle of the area in hopes of cutting the deer off. There ended up being Three deer spread out through that bowl that had four different " fingers" leading through the mountain we were on.

I ran into them! I was getting ready to drop down into one of those fingers that runs between the mountain when I looked to my left and spotted a big eared muley doe to the my left at 35 yards. 

I cocked the hammer, set the hair trigger, took a couple deep breathes and then took aim and squeezed the trigger and that .58cal Hawken belched a beautiful cloud of white Goex smoke into the early morning breeze!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bore Camera

I bought a bore cam a week before I went hunting. Its pretty cool, gives you a decent inside view of the bore/cylinder. I loaded my .58cal Hawken the other day as I want to play with the Bear grease patch lube some more. I want to do some testing on how it looks after reloading on a dirty bore VS swabbing between shots, see if theres any damage with the patch while loadin dirty.

Here it is on a clean bore. What looks like a rusty bore is actually a coating of bear grease as you push the patched ball down.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Traditional Muzzle Loader HOG HUNT!

Congrats to Ray "HawgSlayer" on his monster hog! He's shooting a CVA Hawken .58cal that I cloned after my own personal Hawken! Its great to see your hard work turn into great memories for other folks!