Thursday, July 23, 2015

Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Update!

Just a small improvement in the lube department!

One of my guys on the forum mentioned that when he first got his jar of lube, some guys on the range wanted to try it out and made a real mess out of it, got sloppy and wasted a lot of lube.

I've updated the jars once more to an over sized jar which will allow for more room in the container. The old jars used to be filled to the top and when you'd dip a finger in, it could over flow a bit, making a mess and wasting lube.

No problems with the new jars guys! Plenty of room with no spill over.

Another update is how the lube is processed. Before everything was mixed in a paste/oil forum and blended together at high speed.

I am now using the double boiler method so everything is in an oil state and blended together. Once melted and blended, the lube is then put into the container and after it has cooled down over night, Its mixed by hand inside of the contents actual container. Its a much better process than I previously did which improves the product that much more. A couple extra steps, yes. But very important steps that gives you a better, smoother, consistent product you can rely on.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have a BRAND NEW, never been shot, CVA Hawken, .54cal with 1:48 twist 28" barrel, 15/16th across the flats. I've done my usual bedding on the Tang, trigger plate and fore stock. Lock internals have been polished, along with the double set triggers. New Hickory ramrod installed, German silver front sight and an elevator style rear sight.

 You should easily be able to shoot dead on out to 150-170 yards with this elevator rear sight once you sight in at 100.

The wood has some crazy patterns as you can see! I refinished the stock with Laurel mountain forge Nut Brown and Truoil that's been buffed back to a semi gloss finish.

Barrel and tang have been slow rust browned.

Again, a brand new rifle, never loaded,  that was just stripped down and refinished for a MUCH better look and improved on where it makes a difference when the trigger is pulled.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cleaning your Percussion Muzzle Loader

With the soapy hot water ready, go a head and drop the barrel into the water, nipple side down and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Black powder fouling always works into the nipple threads and leaves behind a hard crusty fouling in those nipple threads which makes nipple removal hard at times. Allowing it time to soak in the hot water allows the fouling to wash away and frees the nipple.

Read More....

Friday, July 17, 2015

A customers words: Frontier's Lube is NO JOKE!

First off, I have no affiliation with this site or frontier lube. I'm just a new member that wanted to see if the product was as good as advertised. I think Frontiergander is way too modest on how awesome this stuff is.

The gun is a Renegade with a T/C, 33" round ball barrel that was rebored by Bob Hoyt to .58 call.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I'll let the picture do the talking. The only thing different that I didn't list is I use 25 grains (spout full) of cream of wheat for a buffer between the patch and ball and RWS caps. This is my full house hunting load and I've NEVER been able to get three balls to touch before!

New OPTICS on my CVA Hawken!

Well, not only is the Hawken updates with new steel trim " Still a work in progress" I got some new contacts and wanted to see how well she " the lady that did my eyes" got them as far as open sight shooting goes.

Im using a 32" deer creek barrel with 1:66 twist in .58 caliber shooting patched round balls.

90gr Olde Eynsford 2fg
.018" patches
Frontier's anti-rust & Patch lube
Home cast .570" round balls
Hot Shot Nipple
CCI #11 caps

No swabbing or cool down was needed today as the sun was down and quite comfortable.

Distance: 100 yards. Masking take over the rear sight is basically a sun shade to cut the glare of the sun as it was over my back left shoulder.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Introducting Blue Creek Traders

Everyone, I've met Clint at the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous today and we are getting him set up on the forum! He has a TON of items that I wanted to make available to everyone on the forum. He and I did some trading today and both were happy to do business with one another.  I'm posting some pictures of his set up at the Rendezvous and his website will have more and better pictures on it as well. You can visit Clint's website directly by going to

Here, Clint and I just finished up some trading and I got a buffalo vest & a coyote pelt and he got a bear skin in part of the trade. His furs are excellent quality, soft, a whole lot to choose from! I highly recommend the Badger pelts. Also visit Blue Creek Traders on the forum!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Frontiers Anti-Rust & Patch Lube #2

Well, with some new products coming in today, I was able to sit down and measure out the ingredients, add to the mixture as I saw fit and then start testing.

Many of the Wet Lubes for traditional patched round ball shooters are normally a soap based product like Murphy's oil soap or PineSol. That's ok to use on the range but they dry out within 30 minutes in open air and can be corrosive to your barrel as most soaps ARE corrosive when introduced to metal.

While these products are alcohol based like my newest wet lube, they lack two very important things that a hunter or shooter wants...

#1 Keep my patch lubed for more than 30 minutes! A dry patch will burn up and cause poor accuracy
#2 Keep Rust OUT of my barrel! I don't want corrosive salts/soaps in my patch lube!

My newest wet lube includes alcohol which helps swab out the fouling for very easy reloading, but dries out quickly to prevent your charge from dampening. Also in the mixture are a couple oils that keep rust out and to give the patch a little extra lubrication during the loading process and to protect it from the heat of the powder going off once loaded on top of the charge.

My patch lets the shooter use the SAME lube for everything from the shooting range to in the field hunting use.

Once the alcohol evaporates, the rust protectant remains inside of the bore, coating it and leaving a rust proof film layer. The patch also is now soaked in this light oil, along with the lubricant that aids in loading.

So far this lube has shown great promise at keeping the rust out of the bore and keeping the patch soft and pliable.

Try one of your current wet lubes that you may have on the shelf. What happens to your patch after the alcohol evaporates? It turns dry and curls up. Mine doesn't do that! My lube keeps those patches soft and lubricated so you can shoot all day & hunt all day with the same lube. No need to change up your lubes for range shooting or when you go hunting. It is a fantastic product and when I get more info, testing available, I will make the info available to the readers.

We already have our anti-rust / patch lube PASTE available but I wanted to make sure we had a guaranteed, Shoot all day, Patch lube/rust protectant.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pedersoli Tryon refinish

Well, this is my first Pedersoli and I like it! I already stripped the rifle to refinish it with a browned barrel and hand rubbed oil finish.

Pedersoli uses electric hand sanders and so a good deal of scratches are left behind, but this is the modern age and quantity turn out is more important these days.

I got the stock stripped down, wet sanded and then stained late last night. This morning, I added a coat of tru oil and have to hang drying.

The rifle is one hell of a good looker and needed a good finish to bring out the best of it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Patch & Anti-Rust Lubricant for your Firearms!

This has been an on going project for some months now. I did a great deal, months worth of reading and research to find something that did Two important things for my rifles:

#1 Keep RUST out of my bore while hunting in foul weather.
#2 Keep my bores clean even after firing them with Goex and Pyrodex. I MUST have a bore thats easier to reload after a shot in the field.

With all my research I put together a new Patch Lube and does everything I needed it to do. Reloading shot after shot is a hell of a lot easier than any other lube I've used, Except for water based lubes, but those dry out within an hour or 2 and rust your bore. This is a solid hunting lube that will stay put and is not runny even in hot weather.

This main base ingredient is expensive, so this will be a costlier lube to use, but damn worth it once you give it a try and see how well it works at reloading on fouled bores and most importantly, how great it keeps rust OUT.

This lube goes on in a paste form and when you rub it into your firearm, the paste turns to a thick liquid oil which seals the steel from the nasty elements.  There are multiple oils in the base ingredient that holds them in place until the lube is squeezed and then they mix together and blend.

The picture above shows a Stainless steel barrel which was buffed down with a scotch brite pad and then one side had the lube lightly rubbed into the steel. The other side of course, is raw, unprotected metal.

That picture was from a solid MONTH long test of it sitting outside on a log. It survived FOUR snow storms, well over one DOZEN rain storms and at some point during the testing, fell into the mud for an unknown period of time before I checked and found it in the mud. That's why you see the dust and dirt on the Protected area of the barrel.

This lube works on ALL firearms. It is NOT a Crisco, chap stick, animal fat gimmick. No manf. will ever use the same ingredients that I do simply because the cost is high.

 Any rifle you buy is an investment and using cheap products like Bore Butter which is actually chap stick with a yellow color and spearmint oil added, does nothing to keep rust out of the bore in foul weather. I found this out the hard way one year while elk hunting with my muzzle loader.

Clean up is super easy with Hot soapy water. When you get to cleaning, You'll see how nicely this lube keeps the fouling soft. It basically runs on top of the lube after you load up on a clean bore.

Safe to use inside and outside of ALL firearms

I am currently bottling the lube in 4oz solid white plastic jars with screw on lids. I am also going to work on a labeling system but that is not high priority right now. Each jar comes with the instruction manual explaining the lube and how to use it and how to clean up at the end of the day.

Cedar scent is also being test in the lube. As of right now, its scent free.

Price is $10 per 4oz jar + Shipping.  You can Pre- Order by emailing me at:

Forum member Ray "HawgSlayer" was the very first person to try this lube out on the range. Read his accounts of how well the lube works. READ MORE....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CVA Hawken Flintlock for sale You choose the caliber!

Guys, I am done with all the hard work on this one. Triggers are polished, lock internals polished, Tang and trigger plate are bedded solid. Custom hand finish of dixie gun works antique stain and a tru-oil / Permalyn finish on the stock were done and then buffed down to a nice matte sheen. The brass was left alone and has a nice honey gold colod patina.

Now the deal here guys, The price is $480 shipped. I will take Half of that as a down payment to get the rifle completed.

The barrel on it is just to make it complete for pictures. It will get a brand new 28" barrel in either .50cal or .54cal. This is the buyers choice. I will slow rust Brown the barrel and tang, along with a new traditional elevator rear sight and german silver front sight.

The lock is an excellent sparker and once complete, I'll have a video of that as well. Will come with an extra french amber flint. These are much better than black english and hold an edge for a longer amount of strikes.