Monday, July 25, 2016

New Arrival - Traditions Hawken Woodsman Review

Fresh off the big brown truck!

 This sucker if BEEFY compared to my Hawken Woodsman Flintlock version. I'll have to ask about that and see if they changed up the design a bit.

Beefy is good!
The Traditions Hawken Woodsman is a serious hunting rifle. The Woodsman has the classic styling and handling of the time-honored Hawken while offering great performance and affordability. Both the percussion and flint models boast a hooked breech for easy barrel removal, click-adjustable rear hunting sight, double-set triggers in an oversized glove-fitting trigger guard with finger rest and an in-letted solid brass patch box. This model is .50 caliber and has a 28" octagonal blued barrel, 15/16th's across the flats,with a twist of 1:48. It is 44.5" in length and weighs 7 7/8 lbs. This particular model has a select (Beechwood) hardwood stock.

Maximum Loads:
110gr 2fg black powder or sub Max load Or 105gr 3fg Black powder or sub, Max load


Sabots in the Traditions Hawken Woodsman

Got back home today and with a nice cold rain storm blowing over I wanted to take the Traditions Hawken Woodsman out to 100 yards since she was shooting so good at 50 yards.

Now I was REALLY surprised on my first shot! I had this rifle 3.5 inches high at 50 yards with 110gr Pyrodex RS and a 160gr control fracture Thor sabot.

I got out today and on a cold clean bore, she hit exactly 10 inches high! I guess I should have put it dead on at 50 with these little sabots.

I'm not sure on velocity yet, but it is a FLAT shooting load! I recovered a handful of the bullets as well. I like what I am seeing so far, accuracy wise that is.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flintlocks & Poor Weather
This is and always will be a touchy subject to the die hard flint lock hunter. Any time you talk flintlocks with a croud, you will hear the typical, Flintlocks in snow! No way, its hard enough to get them to fire when its dry out, you are just asking for tag soup.
Tag soup, is of course, where you draw your big game tag, go hunting and come home with nothing but sore legs, a stiff back and not one piece of meat to show for all the effort you put into your hunt. Tag soup keeps you warm on a cold winter day while you sit out a snow storm and reflect back to that hunt and how you got skunked.
Some like to make a  big issue over flintlock's in poor weather. Die hard fans go to the most extreme to make sure everything is just right, but in the end, it boils down to plain common sense and a little ingenuity. 
What causes a Flintlock to be so unreliable in poor weather conditions?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

NEW! Traditions Mountain Rifle .50cal

NEW! Traditions Mountain Rifle 
The Traditions Mountain Rifle maintains the classic styling and handling of time-honored sidelock rifles, while offering great performance and affordability. The Mountain Rifle Kit .50 caliber muzzleloader sports a longer 32" octagonal barrel, giving it an overall length of 48" and weight of 8.15 lbs.

 The Mountain Rifle maintains the classic styling and handling of time-honored Sidelock rifles, while offering great performance and affordability. The rifle boasts a hooked breech for easy barrel removal, and click-adjustable rear hunting sight.

 The .50 Caliber Mountain Rifle features a double-set trigger in an oversized glove-fitting, trigger-guard with finger rest. The rifle also comes complete with classic brass embellishments and inlaid solid brass patch box.

The stock is made of Select Hardwood ( Beechwood)
Available in both Factory and Kit form! 

.50cal - 1:48 Twist - 32" Brown Cerakote Finish

Friday, April 22, 2016

Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous 2016

Be sure to stop by and LIKE the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous FaceBook page!

June 14th-21st will be Rendezvous time!

VISIT Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Traditions Woodsman makes it to 100 yards!

This morning I decided it was time to get that Woodsman Hawken Flintlock out to 100 yards and with a thicker patch! I am glad I tried it because it took a previous 4 1/2" group and shrunk it down so greatly, I still can not wipe the smile off my face!

 First off here's the load info:
80gr Goex 2fg
Grafs 4fg for the pan
.490" Traditions round balls ( Came with the rifle)
.020" lubed with F -ARL

The new .020" patch loaded perfectly but I still decided to swab with No 77 muzzle magic and get all of the fouling out after each shot and let it cool down in the shade until the barrel was cool to the touch.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Traditional Flintlock Hog Hunt

Okay, Bob has been on me to get the story up and to be quite honest, I have to be in a real writer mood to remember all the details. I always figured that pictures were best to show, along with a short story so its not huge and boring.

Originally I thought Falcon was joking with me when he told me I should load up my Jeep and come out for a hog hunt. Over a short period of time I asked him if he was serious and he said Yes.

Some time down the road I had been talking about my dad and brother and said I got invited on a hog hunt and both my dad and brothers, eyes popped out of their heads... Ask him if I can go!! Yeah, me too, I want to go! says my brother.

Floyd (Falcon) pretty much said, YES, plllllease bring them! I think he may have a hog problem? Laughing

We were supposed to get in January, but doctor appointments and then my dad taking off to Illinois for a week kind of put that on the back burner. When he came back, my step moms grand kids had gotten him sick and his cough lasted over a month and a half ( Finally eased up HUGE as I type). That once more put the hunt on hold because he could hardly talk without choking. If Floyd thought it was bad while we were at his home having dinner, he should have heard it a month before!

Talking with Floyd, he said the Mini van would be ok. Perfect! Take the 3rd row seat out and have tons of room. We packed up our two biggest coolers, waders, lawn chairs, tri pod for video camera (didn't use it) hunting boots, suite case with all of our spare clothes.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Traditions Woodsman Hawken .50cal + Precision Packer

I took the Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal flintlock to 100 yards today and was very surprised by the amount of drop! It was dead on at 75 yards. HOWEVER, the new rest I was using ( I'll talk about that later on) wasn't as user friendly as I had hoped.

 But anyway, I had the rifle loaded since sunday evening, after I got back to the hotel and reloaded for the morning hunt.
100 yards
80gr Goex 2fg
4fg Goex in the pan
.490" round ball
.015" lubed with the listed lube on the pic.

I certainly think I can do better than a 4 1/2" group, but I'll have to cut at the muzzle next time out with a thicker .020" patch material.

I used the Muzzleloader's Precision Packer that came in the day before I left to hunt hogs and so I took that along with me but never got the chance to use it as I thought it would be crazy to change my seating pressure before verifying it on target. 

Perhaps this could be why my POI has dropped so low?


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First shots with the new Traditions Woodsman Hawken Flintlock!

This will take TIME to put together but lets get to the important stuff first.

This morning I got out on the range and FINALLY dropped the flint on frizzen!
I used 80gr 2fg Goex, 4fg goex in the pan, .490" round ball and both .015 and .020" patches.I took my first shot, smiled, and knew it would be a good day!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Traditions Woodsman Hawken Flintlock Review

Well, the Traditions Woodman Hawken .50cal Flintlock has arrived! It was a longer wait that I had anticipated, but she is here!

I've got the rifle all cleaned up, greased, loaded and ready to go!

I'll shoot 12 shots of SHOOT OUT! to remove any unknowns inside the bore and after that, switch over the Frontier's Anti Rust & Patch lube with 80gr Goex 2fg, .490" round ball and try everything from .015"- .018" - .020" patches.